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BlueMount Announces Strategic Relationship With Real Estate Advisory Experts Urbanised

Urbanised is a strategic advisory firm bringing together fact-based methodologies to deliver innovative solutions for business and government. Its specialisation is in real estate and its global networks and local knowledge can provide innovative and practical strategies for the most complex challenges.

Urbanised looks at challenges differently and provides advice to deliver better decisions that benefit businesses, governments, customers and communities. Urbanised solutions are creative and impactful. Its advice is insightful and based on market-leading research. Urbanised provides advisory services to some of Australia’s leading financial, agricultural, utility, hospitality, asset management and property companies.

Stephen Albin, Founder and Managing Director

Urbanised Advisory Services was founded in 2018. Stephen has decades of experience advising businesses and government being the CEO of the Urban Development Institute of Australia NSW, a Director of the Banking and Property Group at Macquarie Bank Ltd, Deputy CEO of TTF Australia and a National Manager at the Property Council of Australia. He has a Masters of Public Policy from Australian National University and a Bachelor of Administration (Economics) from Griffith University. Stephen is a Councilor of UDIA NSW.