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BlueMount Capital Turns 10!

This year, BlueMount Capital is proudly celebrating its 10th anniversary of providing Global Capital Solutions. It’s our commitment to providing valuable relationships which has given us the capacity to continually deliver comprehensive solutions for the most sophisticated business requirements across all asset classes.

Where It All Began

BlueMount Capital was established by two principals in Sydney, one in Perth and one in Brisbane. The four founders, who each owned their own businesses, came together to support each other in the capital markets space. They saw the potential synergies of having a larger geographical footprint, an expanded product offering and an expanded network to assist their clients.

“The ‘gleam in the eye’ was to create a national capital markets firm, in the space where there were mainly large global players and only a few, if any, national practices”, said Brisbane based Managing Director, Dr Mark Rainbird.

Where We’ve Been

BlueMount Capital has been on an exciting journey over the last 10 years. Soon after establishing the Group, BlueMount Capital expanded with its first office in China, and, since then, there have been various collaborations in Hong Kong and China, and offices in the UK.

In 2017, the Group merged with Kennedy Needham to establish a presence in Melbourne, complementing its Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Chinese offices.

Continuing the Group’s growth, in late 2020, BlueMount Capital opened its first US office in Los Angeles. Today, BlueMount Capital has offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, China and the USA.

Whilst the Group has a strong Australian base, it has been able to leverage its international network and strong Asian and USA links. With this international footprint, the Group can be nimble and innovative in terms of its product and solution offerings and support its clients internationally. BlueMount Capital is a long-standing member of the global association of investment bankers, Orion International Advisors (formerly IAIB).

Over the last 10 years, BlueMount Capital has assisted companies to be listed on the ASX and has specialised in the private client space across corporate finance, equity raisings, pre-IPO and IPO raises as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Where We Are Going

BlueMount Capital has come a long way in the last 10 years, with a current footprint of around 100 team members.

The Group continues to evolve with new product offerings and Centres of Excellence across all our offices. “In the coming years, we expect continued expansion into the funds space, sharia finance, IPO and corporate finance as well as in specific industry sectors”, said Mark Rainbird.

Over the years BlueMount Capital has closed many significant transactions.

Thank you for all the wonderful support we’ve received from our clients, networks and families. We look forward to seeing what the next 10 years have to offer.