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BlueMount Capital (UK) has evolved to serve a diverse range of businesses that want to raise debt finance. We provide issuers with a streamlined, highly efficient process that reduces costs and gives investors access to yield and liquidity. Over 100 transactions have been executed over the last 6 years.

Fixed Income: Dedicated to democratising access to exciting asset classes, through insight, innovation and integrity.

Non-bank originator:

  • State of the art technology
  • Straight forward process
  • Risk evaluation
  • Structured approach
  • Global team.

Our listed instruments:

Short-term CPs:

  • ST maturities between 30 days and 1 year
  • Insured Money Market Certificates
  • Bullet or revolving


  • Short to medium term notes
  • First independent UK-based Islamic Securitisation and issuance platform

Green Bond:

  • Short to medium term notes
  • Following the Eu’s Green Bond principles
  • Direct exposure to the ecological economy

High Yield:

  • Medium to long term notes
  • Higher risk category with higher yield potential