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China Market Entry

A comprehensive suite of services aims to enhance the effectiveness and long-term sustainability of Foreign brands entering China via:

  • Market Research and Strategic Analysis
  • Capital Raising & JV Structuring
  • Local Strategy Implementation
  • Assessment, Monitoring, Reporting

Benefits include:

  • Extensive connectivity to high level Chinese networks (government, state owned enterprises, private companies) with a reputation as a Partner, driven partly by the Cheever principal investment track record
  • Align interests of Foreign Brand and China Strategy by protecting the Foreign Brand name while at the same time promoting local ownership and technology innovation
  • Bridges the different perceptions and expectations of Foreign Brands and their China partners, thereby saving cost and time
  • Provides local China proven execution capability for Foreign Brand entering China
  • Protects against future disputes and enhances long-term sustainable partnerships between Foreign Brands and their China partners
  • Providing local China ownership increases the chances of local investment and local exits through M&A