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Healthcare, LifeSciences, Biotechnology & Devices

  • Australia has a vibrant healthcare, biotechnology, life sciences and medical technology ecosystem with world-class companies, research facilities and informed investors.
  • As part of the evolution/maturing of emerging companies, such companies may consider listing on the ASX for both commercialisation and for future growth purposes.
  • With over sixty-five healthcare sector listings since 2013, the ASX provides a unique platform to join an impressive peer group of both emerging and mature companies, across the pharmaceutical, medical technology, biotechnology, digital health, medical practice and pathology operations sectors.
  • The ASX now has sixteen listed healthcare unicorns.
  • In total there are 170 plus healthcare, biotechnology, medical technology & life science companies listed on the ASX, with a combined market capitalisation in excess of A$248 billion.
  • BlueMount Capital offers comprehensive fund raising, IPO and private placement solutions together with R&D and legal services for companies in these sectors.
  • Our team brings together industry experts and experienced professionals in Australia and in the USA to raise funds for your life sciences company, and support your R&D programs through Australian government incentives/programs.
  • Our team is ready to assist and guide you through all the business development opportunities that Australia has to offer, working side-by-side with you in meeting all challenges with our comprehensive, full-service, one-stop-shop approach to helping you reach your company’s goals and success.