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Management Consulting

Due to our international presence, we are able to offer a variety of management consulting services that help entrepreneurs deal with challenges related to overseas expansion. Major focal points include:

China Market Entry Strategy

China has become one of the largest markets in the world. An increasingly affluent middle class is evolving, which is longing for quality products and services from the West. Moreover, tens of thousands of Chinese SMEs have production cost advantages that are hard to find in developed nations. In order to capitalize on these advantages, one not only needs significant skills and experience in selecting distributors and suppliers, but also in the way contracts with Chinese partners should be written. A comprehensive on-site due diligence exercise is indispensable.

Setting up your own local presence is the logical continuation of your China endeavors. There are, however, decisions to be made concerning the legal entity to do so, and bureaucratic hurdles to overcome before you have succeeded in setting up shop there. We have many years of experience doing it – and we will gladly help you, too.

Trademark Protection

Before you go about exporting your products or services, you should make sure your trademarks are protected in your target market(s). In China, for example, the entity first using your trademark is considered its owner (this does not apply to world famous brands, however the list of brands Chinese courts would consider world famous is rather short). Therefore, it is strongly advisable to register your trademark(s) before entering the Chinese market.

Solving HR Issues

Setting up subsidiaries overseas naturally involves the search for suitable executives and staff, and at a later stage possibly the resolution of labour issues in unfamiliar jurisdictions. We are here to help.