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Mining and Natural Resources: Saliba Sassine, Mark Rainbird

Technology: Mark Rainbird

IPOs: Len McDowall, Mark Rainbird

RTOs: Len McDowall, Mark Rainbird & Saliba Sassine

Agribusiness: Saliba Sassine, Alessandro Costa

Financial Services:Mark Rainbird, Bipin Manuel, Alessandro Costa

Healthcare: Saliba Sassine, Mark Rainbird

Education: Len McDowall, Brett Perkins

Family businesses: Mark Rainbird, Brett Perkins

Health and Life Sciences: Saliba Sassine, Mark Rainbird

IT&T: Mark Rainbird, Brett Perkins

South East Asia and India: Len McDowall, Flora Mok

Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage: Ken Freer, Brett Perkins

Fund Management: Ross McDowall, Mark Rainbird

Property: Flora Mok, Bipin Manuel

Infrastructure: Saliba Sassine, Flora Mok

International Supply Chain: Brett Perkins