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Providing Capital & Management Solutions for Private & Public Companies and Sophisticated Investors

Debt Solutions

BlueMount CapitalTM has proven capabilities to provided their clients with a complete capital model (equity and debt) specifically designed for complex transactions for a broad range of property and infrastructure projects.

Developer Construction Finance

The major Australian banks have made significant cutbacks to real estate developers/builders and have substantially increased their requirements before they will approve financing.

Substantial non-bank construction funding facilities to meet this need are available.

Provision of a complete service for developers to obtain this construction funding including ensuring their documentation and systems align with the standards required by the financier, and if not, advising them how to bring their systems up to the required standard including;

  • Working with the developer and making the application to the financier
  • Negotiating with the financier on the client’s behalf
  • Finalising the loan facility

Please contact Ross McDowall in our Sydney office for a confidential discussion of your needs.

Credit-focused Financing Solutions for Mid-Market Companies

Non-bank debt for Australian/New Zealand based public or private companies requiring access to smart, creative solutions across all layers of the capital structure is able to be sourced. Our highly experienced team is capable of providing creative solutions to complex dynamics.

Rates are typically in the mid-teens and can be for any industry other than property. Deals sizes of $40-$200M with flexible terms with costs adjusted to each borrowers capacity and bespoke covenant packages.

Unrated Wholesale Bonds

BlueMount CapitalTM can source either secured or unsecured wholesale loans commencing at $20M-$100M with a tenor of 5-10 years via the issue of unrated Bonds. The Bonds will bear a fixed interest rate payable semi-annually or quarterly in arrears at the BBSW + X%. Lead times are around 2 months to arrange loans of this type.