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Technology & telecommunications businesses, technology services & technology related services

Technology based businesses are different. Whether you are a product business, a service business, or both. You could be an IT business, IT services, software, AI, cybersecurity, Robotics, networking, digital media, ecommerce, infrastructure, Cloud/SaaS, IT consulting, hardware, telecoms or other technology based business. Perhaps you refer to yourself as a Fintech, HealthTech, Edutech, Salestech, Agritech or some other form of tech. Your challenges and opportunities are different. Product development is different, as are sales and support models, growth plans and financial management of such businesses. HR challenges. You name it. Tech is unique. So, you need advisors who understand technology and technology businesses.

Our technology sector advisors have not only executed numerous technology industry transactions, our advisors are ex technology industry people. Not only that, they have worked in sales/revenue generating and management positions in the tech sector. They can talk to you in your language. Understand your needs and objectives. And they understand industry dynamics and trends and can quickly determine the ecosystem in which your business operates, so they can identify and seek out potential buyers for your business that others would not have thought of.

Most likely yours will be a strategic sale and go to a strategic buyer, and if handled competently, you should be able to command a premium for that strategic value. You need an advisor capable of delivering on that. If it’s capital you require, our advisors have had extensive experience raising capital for technology businesses, and as importantly, they have worked on the investor side of the table for high profile venture capital firms. They have first- hand experience of what investors look for, and know how to position your business to maximise the potential of not only obtaining the funds you require at a fair valuation, but with fair terms and conditions, as well as ensuring it’s the right investor partner fit for your business.