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Your business: Working Capital issues and how we can help | Upcoming Webinar

When businesses approach us for advice regarding capital raising, we frequently find that companies start seeking help when they already have serious cash flow or working capital issues.

Working capital refers to the funds available to cover day-to-day operational expenses and short-term liabilities. If a company’s current assets (e.g. cash, accounts receivable, inventory) are not sufficient to cover its current liabilities (e.g. accounts payable, short-term debt), it may indicate a working capital problem.

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Renewable Energy Group Appoints BlueMount Capital For US$50m Debt Raising

BlueMount Capital introduces Project Energy (“Company”) – a UK Limited Company focusing on renewable energy infrastructure and operations, with current core markets in Brazil and Europe, and expanding into the USA, and throughout UK and Europe.

As an independent power producer (IPP), Project Energy’s model is to develop, finance, construct and manage a portfolio of utility-scale and distributed energy assets. Project Energy develops its sites from conception, ensuring a complete end-to-end solution. The Company now has an extensive in-house EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) capability which allows control of the entire development process, from greenfield conception, through development, construction, and operation.

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Whisky Development Syndicate held brands win amazing awards for whisky

Great news for BlueMount Capital client Whisky Development Syndicate, with brands the Company holds recently winning some amazing awards for whisky.

“Hidden Lake Cask No. 195 has been awarded a Gold Medal at this year’s World Whiskies Awards and was one of only 5 Australian whiskies in its category to be awarded a Gold Medal amongst a huge number of entries.

“It is really exciting for Hidden Lake to have been awarded a Gold Medal at what is probably considered the most prestigious whisky awards ceremony in the world. Whilst this particular product is not part of the whisky stocks held by the Syndicate, it illustrates the ability of the Mighty Craft and Hidden Lake teams to bring amazing whisky expressions to life and have them recognised on a global scale” says Chris Malcolm (Founder of Hidden Lake and Director of the Whisky Development Syndicate).

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BlueMount Capital in the news: “Altech Identifying Partners In US$100 MM Project Equity Investment For High Purity Alumina Project”

Australian innovator Altech Chemicals Ltd. updated the market on the progress of its high purity alumina project this week, including several financing projects that are currently underway with investors in Europe and the United States.

Altech’s Managing Director Iggy Tan and other company officials met with their counterparts at Germany’s KfW IPEX-Bank this summer, and the bank confirmed that it is still on board with Altech’s projects after being updated on the progress of its US$144 million green bond offer and its US$100 million project level equity funding initiative. The bank reiterated its support for the US$190 million senior loan facility and advised Altech that the German export credit agency has renewed its US$170 million export credit cover, which is part of the bank’s senior loan facility.

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BlueMount Capital in the news: “German bank confirms support of Altech Chemicals’ high purity alumina project in Malaysia”

Emerging battery materials producer Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) has confirmed that Germany’s government-owned KfW IPEX-Bank continues to fully support its high purity alumina (HPA) project in Malaysia.

The confirmation comes after Altech managing director Iggy Tan visited the bank to discuss the status of the company’s secondary project finance initiatives, including a US$144 million green bond offer and a US$100 million project level equity funding initiative.

Following the meeting, KfW IPEX-Bank confirmed its support for the project, and its commitment to a senior loan facility of US$190 million.

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BlueMount Capital in the news: “Altech Chemicals (ASX:ATC) advances financing activities for Malaysia HPA project”

Altech Chemicals (ATC) has advanced project financing activities for its Malaysia high-purity alumina (HPA) project.

Following a trip to Europe by company management, Altech has confirmed that Germany-based KfW IPEX-Bank remains committed to the project and a senior loan facility of US$190 million (A$273 million).

It also said Euler Hermes, the German government export credit agency, has renewed a US$170 million export credit cover for the KfW IPEX Bank senior loan facility.

In addition, ATC progressed discussions to finalise a US$144 million green bond offering with London-based Bedford Row Capital and Perth-based Bluemount Capital.

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Sharia compliant investments in private equity – An IFN Special Report

Special Reports (Https://Www.Islamicfinancenews.Com/News-Categories/Special-Report)
Dr Saliba Sassine (Https://Www.Islamicfinancenews.Com/Ifn_authors/Dr-Saliba-Sassine)

Private equity (PE) often reigns supreme in the high-return investment market. Dr Vladimir Malenko wrote :“In the time of volatile interest rates, doubtful and inconsistent performance of hedge funds, and increasing popularity of index tracking funds (rather than actively managed ones), the astute investors flock to private capital placement opportunities.” DR SALIBA SASSINE explores.(

The top 10 GCC (  institutional investors have more than US$3.7 trillion of combined assets under management, but only a small percentage of these funds are Shariah ( compliant. At first glance, this PE investment option for Islamic investors looks rather limited. But Islamic finance professionals are both dynamic and inventive in their search for structured solutions.

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BlueMount Capital Turns 10!

This year, BlueMount Capital is proudly celebrating its 10th anniversary of providing Global Capital Solutions. It’s our commitment to providing valuable relationships which has given us the capacity to continually deliver comprehensive solutions for the most sophisticated business requirements across all asset classes. Continue reading

How Does a Stock Move from the OTC to a Major Exchange?

There are many reasons why a company may trade on the Over the Counter (OTC), which unlike a standard exchange, has no physical location, but it’s not an option that provides much exposure or even a lot of liquidity. Trading on a major  exchange, though, does. But is there a way for companies to move from one to the other?

Key Takeaways

  • OTC securities are not listed on an exchange, but trade through a broker-dealer network.
  • Companies can jump from the OTC market to a major exchange as long as they meet listing and regulatory requirements, which vary by exchange.
  • Exchanges must approve a company’s application to list, which should be accompanied by financial statements.
  • Some companies choose to move to get the visibility and liquidity provided by a stock exchange.
  • Dual listing ,by staying on the OTC and dual listing on a major exchange is a great option and is possible.

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