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BlueMount Capital appointed Lead Manager for TrekAce Technologies Ltd’s IPO on the Australian Securities Exchange

BlueMount Capital is pleased to advise that we have been appointed Lead Manager for TrekAce Technologies Ltd of Israel, to list the Company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) via an IPO aimed at late 2019.

TrekAce Technologies’ patented technologies give militaries, athletes, gamers and adventurers wearable devices and applications that facilitate tactile communication. Its six-pointed wriststrap navigator directs the wearer in real time, with vibration and sound notifications. It includes a screen that displays various metrics including temperature, azimuth, direction, elevation, route, and speed. The device connects to the wearer’s smartphone with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The technology offers navigation and group-management apps, as well as a structured API for third-party developers. The API enables them to implement tactile functionalities in their app UXs, making apps relevant and applicable to fields they presently fail to address (e.g. gaming, biometrics, navigation, sports performance, messaging, and C2). The Company provides militaries a complete & unique tactile solution for navigation and situational awareness.

TrekAce Technologies is currently generating revenues and profits, and it is expected that sales will be significantly grown by the time of the IPO.

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